Friday, December 30, 2016

Book Review ~ Impressions of You (Book 1: The Impressions Series) by Christopher Harlan

Impressions of You
(Book 1)
by Christopher Harlan

From the outside Wesley Marsden has it all: wealth, good looks, and a genius level IQ, but these qualities hide the depths of his complexity. While he’s a man who’s strong, confident, and in control, he’s also a man obsessed with solving a family mystery and dealing with personal demons that have plagued his relationships for years.

Mia Careri is a special needs teacher; a woman who’s devoted her life to the care and education of other people’s children. Funny, beautiful, and intelligent, she has a job she loves and close friends who are like her family, but something is missing. A slew of failed relationships have her yearning for that connection, that feeling of intense love – the perfect man to have a future with.

When by chance or by fate, Mia and Wesley encounter one another in the most unlikely of settings, they realize that they might be each other’s salvation. As their fates collide over the course of a few months, neither of them will ever be the same again.

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“…whenever two people come into contact, no matter how briefly, they leave an impression on one another; that they exchange something by coming into contact with one another, even if it’s something as small as a few particles that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.”

The synopsis for the book pretty much wraps up what the story is about, so let me just jump right in with my thoughts because I don’t want to give anything away…..

Impressions of You is Christopher Harlan’s debut novel, but you would never have guessed it by the amount of shear talent displayed within the pages of this book.  Well-written with well-developed and extremely likeable characters along with a plot that flowed so effortlessly, I swore I was reading a book from a seasoned author.  This story consumed me and I devoured it in a day only stopping for a few brief hours of sleep so that I could continue appreciating the astounding story that was unfolding before my eyes.  Everything about this book, from the HOT and incredibly sexy cover to the captivating and engaging storyline was pure perfection and I am so happy that I decided to purchase this book and give it a chance.

A rare gem in the Indie world of books, Christopher Harlan has knocked it out of the park with Impressions of You and I can’t wait for the second installment from this incredible author.

4.75 stars

Author of the contemporary adult romance Impressions Series - the first of which, Impression of You, is set to be released November 1st, 2016, with two more books to follow.  In addition to being an author I'm also a lifelong reader, and when I'm not typing away on my laptop, you'll most likely find my face buried in a book. I was born and raised in New York, where I live with my wife of 11 years, and my two wonderful children.