Saturday, October 17, 2015

Book Review ~ Into the Roaring Fork by Jeff Howe

Into the Roaring Fork
by Jeff Howe

They set out for Aspen in 1985. A one year post-graduation detour to play in the Rockies prior to entering the “real world.” That was the plan. They wouldn’t need much. Just ordinary jobs with a ski pass attached, a one-bedroom apartment, and each other. But tempted by the decadent side of this iconic resort town, Alex Cavanaugh enters into an illicit agreement with a new acquaintance and finds himself on a remote forest trail, where the crime he is committing pales in comparison to the one his path will cross, leading him further into the darkness of the mountains, and the human soul.

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Into the Roaring Fork is a riveting read that is quite a unique reading experience.  With multiple character lives intertwining and intersecting together, ensure that the reader is kept captivated, engaged and most of all guessing the outcome the entire time.

Mr. Howe’s writing style is simplistic yet effective in providing incredible details which allow the reader to visualize the story that is unfolding within the pages.  Into the Roaring Fork is a gripping, fast-paced, suspenseful thriller that will have you turning the pages feverishly wanting to know more.

There seemed to be an over-abundant use of fragmented sentences, which in my opinion could be easily remedied with the use of a professional editor.  Once I got the feel for how the flow of the writing was going, I was able to correct them in my mind for the most part, but as I can only compare it to someone having random thoughts it made reading more difficult.  For the most part I was impressed with this book especially since it was the author’s first endeavor and I look forward to reading his next release.

Overall, this is a truly captivating story and I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys a suspenseful read packed with action and adventure.

3 ½ stars

Into the Roaring Fork is Jeff Howe’s first novel and has received positive reception across the Midwest and Rocky Mountain West. He is near completion on his second novel. Jeff is a Cincinnatian, born in 1963, the son of James and Marjorie Howe and the youngest of nine children. He was raised Catholic and attended Catholic grade and high school. In 1985 he graduated from the University of Cincinnati.
Upon graduation he moved to Aspen, Colorado where he worked for KSPN radio station. When the ski season ended he moved to Los Angeles for a brief period and then returned to Cincinnati where he went to work for his family’s business, a manufacturer and distributor of process heating elements and temperature sensors used in the plastics industry. After a few years he grew restless and left the company to travel and pursue other interests. Eventually settling down, he rejoined the family business, married, fathered two children, and lives with his wife and kids in Cincinnati.
An avid fly fisherman of both freshwater and saltwater game fish, Jeff has a true passion for being connected to the water, and attempts to do so every chance he gets. In addition to his outdoor pursuits, which also include hunting, he plays piano and guitar.

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