Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review ~ Action packed adventure awaits...Fugitives from Northwoods by Chris Bostic

Set in a dreary future, the U.S. economy has collapsed and everything of value has been seized by the government for ‘good of the public’.  People in the city have lost their homes and now live in rundown, government managed tenements.  People in the country are removed from their property to make way for wind turbine farms, solar panel arrays, or mining rights.  If the farmers that remain aren’t able to produce enough grain to meet the government quota, they are forcibly relocated and their property seized.  If the government needs it, they take it under the pretense of keeping people housed, fed and employed.  When a child turns fourteen, they are forced to work in labor camps.  Education is all but put on the back-burner.

With careful planning, Penn and his friends escape under the cover of darkness from their labor camp in the Northwoods in an attempt to cross the border to freedom.   They struggle to survive in the unforgiving wilderness trying to stay ahead of the Recovery Team and certain death.  But is the price of freedom worth renouncing your country, never able to return again?

Mr. Bostic gives the reader very vivid descriptions of the terrain the group has to deal with and the character development is very good.  This is an awesome story of loyalty and friendship and the will to find a better life.   If you like to read action-packed dystopian novels, then you should definitely read this one.  This is a brilliant adventure story that is suitable for all age groups.   

I was provided a copy of this book by the author for a honest review.

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