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Review ~ Into the Light by Jennifer Burrows

Into the Light
by Jennifer Burrows

After Laney is shot at point blank range, Josh works tirelessly to repair her life threatening internal injuries from the gunshot wounds.  What’s worse is he is forced to inform Laney’s parents about the tragic accident.  Having only just begun a relationship with the woman he knows in his heart he will spend the rest of his life with, he now has to reveal to her parents that a stalker has been tormenting their daughter.  While his only mission is to save Laney’s life, her parents have other plans for their daughter, none of which include Josh.  They are determined to find a new doctor for Laney, and if her parents have their way, she will be taken thousands of miles away from him.

Just when Josh thinks his entire world has been turned completely upside down, he finds his sister Jillian has stopped taking her psychiatric medications and has become a person unfamiliar to him.  Dealing with her psychotic world becomes even more of a shock, leaving Josh in a horrible dilemma.  He is torn between trying to save Laney’s life, keeping her parents from moving her away from him, and providing his sister the attention and help she desperately needs before she has a complete psychotic breakdown.

Will Josh be able to save the love of his life and prevent her parents from taking her away?  Will he be able to help Jillian through her mental illness before it takes over her life?  Will Laney’s relationship with her parents ever be salvaged?  Will Josh and Laney have their happily ever after, or will the hurdles they have to jump through prove to be more than they can handle?

My Review:
4 out of 5 stars

Into the Light by Jennifer Burrows is the second book in the Dark Series.  I highly recommend reading A Shot in the Dark before reading Into the Light so you will know what is going on at the beginning of the story.

At fifteen, Laney was raped and abused by her boyfriend, Scott, and it has taken years for the emotional wounds to heal.  While on duty one night in the emergency department of the hospital where Laney works as a nurse, she is shot multiple times by Scott.  Heavily sedated and in ICU so that the gunshot wound to her heart and other gunshot wounds can heal, her overprotected parents want to take her home so that she can be close to them while she heals…….two thousand miles away.

Josh Stone, a surgeon, is totally in love with Laney.  When they are together, it feels as though the planets have aligned and everything is right in the world.    Although he had functioned just fine before he met Laney, he cannot imagine life being the same without her.  Josh does not want Laney to be taken away by her parents and he is going to do everything within his powers to prevent that from happening.

Before the shooting incident, Laney had been receiving some threatening letters at her home.  Everyone thought that once her ex-boyfriend, Scott, was behind bars for the shooting, the letters would stop.  They were wrong.

The story line was intriguing and kept me engrossed the entire time.  The characters are well developed and realistic. I was glad that even though this was a medical romantic suspense novel, the author did not overuse medical terms that an average person would not know; there was just the right balance in order to convey what was actually going on with Laney’s health situation.

It would have helped if there had been a prologue with a recap from the previous book.  This was my first book from this author and I was confused at first on what was going on at the beginning of the story.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book.  Even though less than half way through I had a general idea on whom the stalker was, I truly enjoyed taking the journey along with the characters as they tried to unravel the mystery.

Product Details

  • Series: The Dark Series
  • Paperback: 260 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 25, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1495370704
  • ISBN-13: 978-1495370700

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