Sunday, May 4, 2014

Soul Fire by Aprille Legacy ~ Paperback Giveaway


Aprille Legacy is giving away a PAPERBACK copy of her novel Soul Fire, Book 1 in the Soul Trilogy.  I absolutely love this series and I know you will too!  I am really excited about this giveaway!

Rose Evermore has lived in Ar Cena her entire life. Despite this, she still feels like an outsider, like a shoe that doesn’t quite fit. Halfway through her eighteenth year, she begins to notice changes around her, such as the fact that she has a stalker who can hold fire in his bare hands, or the dreams that she can turn into reality.

After a series of mishaps, Rose finds herself in an alternate realm, brought there to hone the magical power she was born with. Even here, though, Rose feels set apart. The Academy Masters treat her differently than the others. Her assigned soul mate avoids her when he should be working with her. Despite all this, Rose begins to grow into something no one could’ve seen coming; a hero.

With her, nothing is as it should be, and she decides to find out why. Soon she discovers that not everything about this new world is what it seems.

Least of all her.

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Aprille Legacy is a twenty something who currently resides in Adelaide, South Australia. She lives with her best friend and has an addiction to fortune cookies; there's something reassuring that comes from boxed wisdom. She was also halfway through a BA until she saw something shiny.

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