Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rambling of the Day - Piracy

In the past week, it has come to light that some in the blogging community are giving away ebooks without the authors knowledge and/or consent.  As a new blogger, this infuriates me and quite frankly pisses me off.  A novel is like an authors child.  Developed from infantsy and molded and nurtured into a piece of work - something they love and cherish - an author puts their heart and soul into writing something that they hope will bring joy and entertainment and perhaps provoke deep emotional feelings or thoughts to us - the readers of the world.  For someone to steal that 'child' and just give it away without acknowledging the author is wrong - just WRONG!

When I am offered the opportunity to review a book and given a copy of that book, I treat that responsibility with the utmost respect and care.  I will not and will never disrespect an author by stealing and giving away their work.  For others to do that really ruins the blogging community and sheds doubt on all the legitimate bloggers. 

So to those that have pirated books, before you do it again, just STOP and consider what you are doing.  Not only is it illegal - you are taking profit away from the author.  Although they may be writing for fun - they are not doing it without expecting some type of return for their time and investment.  Writers have lives - they are people just like you and me.  They have bills, maybe some children and other responsibilities.  So just think about that before you steal from them for your own advancement.

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