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Book Review & Virtual Book Tour ~ Oden (Book 3 of the Invasion Trilogy) by Jessica Frances

Book 3 of The Invasion Trilogy
by Jessica Frances

New Adult / Sci-Fi Romance
Date Published: October 18, 2014

A war is coming.
It will not be an Earth bound battle yet humans will have to fight for their survival.
This is no longer about fighting to take our planet back, this is a fight for our society, our way of life.
However I will not be fighting in this war, I have another I must battle against, to stop him and keep myself, Marduke and our child safe and out of his clutches. I will do anything to protect my family from this evil maniac.
Jeprow doesn't know of human’s strengths. He doesn't know how resourceful we are. How brave and cunning and smart we can be.
He thinks he’s already won and the battle between us is over, but he has no idea who he’s messing with.

Oden is under attack and suddenly there is more at risk than just my own life. Mattie and our baby now rely on me and I can’t let them down
My new family is trapped in a warzone and I must protect them.
But I must still protect my people, my family’s legacy and the leadership that holds it all together.
If we lose this war, then the humans lose as well.
We are in this fight together and the losses on both sides will be many.
Never before have I been under such pressure, never before has the risk of failure been so high.

What happens when they end up sacrificing more than they ever intended, if they lose who they are and what they are fighting for?
Can they move on from all they have lost, forgive each other for what they have been forced to do?
Most importantly, can they ever learn to forgive themselves?
Who will win the war and who loses everything?

My Thoughts
In this highly anticipated conclusion to the epic trilogy, The InvasionOden is more intense, more action-packed and more heart-breaking than I ever thought possible.  Just when I thought this trilogy couldn't possibly get any better, Jessica Frances showed that she did in fact save the best for last!

Oden is under attack by Jeprow, an evil, despicable being that I really grew to hate as I was reading.  He is a harsh, brutal person who only wants one thing – control, and he will not stop until he achieves his goal.

Mattie once again really impressed me with her ability to remain strong, even when life took a turn for the worse.  She took a stand and fought to take back what was lost even when she appeared to lose all hope.

And then there is Marduke.  Gosh, I love that sexy alien man!  Torn between his people and Mattie, he never gave up and did everything possible to please both sides.

The other supporting characters were great, but I don’t want to write too much about them because it might spoil it for future readers.  The one thing though that made me laugh was when Mattie came across an alien machine that performed a sonogram and she took a look at her baby, Riley.  This was a hilarious moment for me, and when you read it you will know what I am writing about.

There were some tough moments in this story, but with war, things can be far from pleasant and there are never any winners.  Each side will experience death and destruction even when one sides claims victory.  But is it really a victory when loved ones are ripped away from you, never to be held, loved or seen ever again? 

Oden provoked so many feelings within me while I was reading.  Ms. Frances really does have an amazing talent of giving the reader such vivid descriptions, that it is so easy to become totally engrossed in the story and ‘see’ the action unfold before your very eyes. At one point, I actually screamed with frustration and cried my eyes out.  I almost contacted the author because I could not understand why she took that approach. (Yeah, I got pretty emotional with this one.) But in the end, I realized that this very sad and heart-wrenching part was essential to the story.  That to me is the sign of a great story when you actually get that involved in the plot.  And this one is a GREAT story!  Overall though, despite my tears and sadness, this is one amazing story and the perfect ending to a superb trilogy.

I am so sad that this series is over, but I am also very excited to see what Ms. Frances releases next.  Whatever it is, I know it will be amazing! 

5 stars

“I really can’t do this right now.” Her voice breaks, which in turn, breaks my heart. “Please, can you just leave?”
“I’m sorry,” I say sadly, moving to stand in front of her and crouching down, taking her hands that are resting on her lap and overlapping them with mine. “I never meant to hurt you. I will do whatever it takes to make this right between us.”
“What if there isn’t anything that can make this right? What if, when I look at you now, all I see is pain and suffering that humans are about to go through and have already been through?”
“I’m hoping that, perhaps, you’ll be able to look at me and see the man you once saw before.”
“I’m not sure if he even existed now. Did you always know you’d use humans this way? That we wouldn’t have any rights on Oden? Did you know that we were as good as dead when you invaded us?”
“I couldn’t have predicted Jeprow and the Claws. This wasn’t planned, and right now, this is our last resort. If we don’t have a distraction, then there is no chance of us slowing down the Claws. More people will die, and that will include humans. They’ve already taken over most of Oden. We’re losing this fight. Our hinemas are being destroyed. If we don’t act now, within days, Oden will be lost.”
She sighs, her eyes looking sad, and her shoulders sag. “I’m tired, Marduke. I don’t hate you, but I hate the choice that you have made. It forces me to make my own choice, one that neither of us likes. I guess, we are doomed to always be unhappy now.”
“I want that family I envisioned. I want our baby—our son—to have that happy family. He is ours and you are mine.”
“I can’t be with someone who thinks my race is expendable. Riley is part human, too, you know? When you sentence my people to death, you’re sentencing his, too.”

About the Author
Jessica Frances 

Born and raised in South Australia, Jessica spends her days working in a bakery, afternoons catching up on lost sleep, and nights reading and writing. After having the Taken Trilogy taking up space in her head for years, she was relieved to have a break and her mind clear. But apparently the free rent was announced to the world and Mattie and her friends heard, because now she is hearing their new voices and a whole new story. The Invasion Trilogy was then born.

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