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Book Review ~ Locum Tenens Volume Two (The Locum Tenens Series Book 2) by Jay Beckstead

Locum Tenens Volume Two 
(The Locum Tenens Series Book 2)
by Jay Beckstead

The intensity of action builds with each new volume!!

Mike wasn't meant for military training. He studied hard to get the scores needed for advanced schooling, only to be coerced by his community to take his brother's place, where military Inductees face life and death in the Agoga. Will he survive?
The Locum Tenes Series

Each volume is an action-packed serialization.
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You won't find more action in any other young adult novel!

˃˃˃ Mike's society is far from perfect.

Mike's generation has been robbed of its opportunity: institutionalized discrimination, government-sanctioned poverty, and the abuse of discarded military veterans are among the terrible dystopian outcomes of his society's total government.

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The Locum Tenens is a new action-packed serialization created by the talented Jay Beckstead.  In Book One, we are introduced to Mike who has always dreamed of attending advanced schooling.  He is smart as a whip, but not very athletic.  When his brother is discharged from military training, it is up to Mike to take his place – giving up the opportunity for higher learning.  The training will be hard and life as he knows it will change – but will it be for the better?  Will Mike be able to survive?

In Book Two, the story continues as Mike and the other inductees go through vigorous and life threatening training.  They had to learn techniques in order to survive the Deprivation Chamber Dunk Tank and go through Gas Chamber training.  Several of the inductees drop out and some are less fortunate and die.  Yep, this is harsh and brutal training these young men endure.  But what is the end result?  How many more will perish?  And what is the government’s plan for Mike?  Hopefully these questions and more will be answered in future installments of this serial novel.

The training techniques the inductees have to go through is beyond barbaric  - it was somewhat hard to read about, but Mr. Beckstead draws you into this story with his descriptive writing and you want to know more.  I really like Mike and you can’t help but cheer him on as he tries to live up to his community’s expectations.

Whereas the previous volume seemed to be an introduction of sorts, Volume Two dealt more with the training aspects that Mike and the other inductees had to endure.  This volume was filled with action, but there was a lot of military stuff going on.  Interesting stuff if you are into military history and what not.  I can’t wait to see where this series is going because I need to know what the government has planned for Mike.  It’s got to be important, because why else would they keep him in the training program?

So with that, I will stay tuned for the next installment of this action-packed story that definitely has kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know more!

4 stars

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