Thursday, February 25, 2016

Book Review and Blog Tour ~ CRYSTAL THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL by Theresa Oliver

Crystal the Christmas Angel 

Theresa Oliver grew up in southern Indiana, across from Louisville, Kentucky, in Clarksville, Indiana. In her childhood, she fell in love with the power of the written word, a love affair that has continued her whole life. She moved to Florida, where she has lived much of her adult life. She attended the University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, Tenn., and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree, News Editorial sequence. She also earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, Early Childhood Education sequence, from Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, Ga. She is currently a writer, a full-time teacher, and the owner of Write More Publications and TNT Author Services. However, her greatest adventure is as a mother of three beautiful boys. Oliver currently resides in Kissimmee, Florida, with her husband and children.

Her latest book is the children’s picture book, Crystalthe Christmas Angel.

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Title: Crystal the Christmas Angel

Author: Theresa Oliver
Publisher: Write More Publications
Pages: 66

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

All of the angels in Heaven are preparing for a big event, and Crystal, a little angel, wants to be a part of it. But the more she tries, the more the angels tell her that she is just too little. That is, until God himself gives her the biggest, most important task of all ... going with the Archangel Gabriel to Mary, and bringing God’s greatest gift to the world. But can Crystal do what God asks? Journey with Crystal as she discovers that God sometimes chooses the most unlikely for the greatest tasks. Crystal also discovers that you are never too little to do great things. You just need to believe and never give up.

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This charming book begins with Crystal, a little angel, who wanted nothing more than help around Heaven, but all of the other angels told her she was too young to help and suggested she just go and play.  Saddened, she sits upon some stairs to cry because all she wanted to do was help in some way.  Little did she know that she had a very important job waiting for her and what an important job it was!

Crystal The Christmas Angel was such a delightful read and the illustrations were quite lovely.  This is a heart-warming story that will appeal to any child and with the cute pictures, will keep them engaged throughout. 

Overall, this was a quick, sweet read with a great message and is the perfect book to read to your child not only at Christmas, but anytime of the year.

4 stars

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