Thursday, June 8, 2017

Book Review ~ The Black Rock Letters by Nancy C. McWhorter

The Black Rock Letters
by Nancy C. McWhorter
Publication Date:  June 07, 2017

Lost on a desert road? Stop and get out. Look into the dust devils' grains of sand and see Carmela and Antonio swirling in an embrace. Smell the scent of the cactus flowers and hear children's laughter, their sounds carried on a soft breeze.

If you have a mustard seed amount of imagination, the village of Black Rock will spring up around you. You will be invited into the cantina for a refreshing drink with the old ones, and you can enjoy the antics of the unique animals that live there too.

You will be given a map when you leave to help find your way back home, but it will also keep you from ever returning. But Black Rock will stay in your heart and mind forever.

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The Black Rock Letters by Nancy C. McWhorter is an emotionally charged, character-rich debut that is truly unique. Each chapter is a letter either written either to Carmela’s love, Antonio, or to a beloved friend of hers.  Carmela bares her thoughts and intimate desires in each letter and in the process provides the reader with vivid details of her day-to-day life in her small village of Black Rock.  As I read each of Carmela’s letters, I felt as though I was in her mind and found myself trying to unravel the mystery of her life, her love and her beloved Black Rock.  The prose of each letter is so beautiful and so enchanting I could not help but get lost in this magical tale.  I went through many emotions as I read this book – from happiness to sadness - and in the end felt as though I left a piece of my heart in Black Rock.  No other book has had such an emotional impact on me such as this one.

If you are looking for a unique and entertaining read that will stretch the limits of your imagination and leave your heart full of love, then I highly recommend The Back Rock Letters

5 stars

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This lady is not your ordinary Granny. Mother of two, Grandma to three and Great Grandma to two more, gives Nancy Carmela McWhorter even more reason to travel around the world to buy one of a kind, irreplaceable gifts for her family to treasure for years to come.
Born in the United States with the experience of living abroad as a military brat, sparked something inside Nancy to continue her travel adventures way after most people would have thrown in the towel and spend the rest of their days in their lazy-boy recliner playing solitaire.
The tale you have just read was inspired by her many adventures to Central and South America. Nancy fell in love with the culture, colors, people and the food of these beautiful lands. Her experiences and fond thoughts are incorporated into these letters. The letters are also a journal of life events buried in fiction. For Nancy, when life gets harsh, it's easy to daydream of living in a village where love abounds, people are kind, and animals are unique.
The author hopes that you enjoyed this romantic tale and hopefully let a piece of yourself slip into Black Rock - who knows, you might just see Nancy at the Cantina......

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