Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - A Year of trying something new

This was my first year at blogging about the thing I love besides my family and my pets.....BOOKS! Yep, books are my obsession....just ask my husband, but he may call it a potential episode of Hoarders.  It has really been a learning experience to say the least, but I have loved every minute of it.  At times, I feel as though I have taken on a second non-paying job, but you know what?  I would not trade it for the world.  I have made some really awesome connections and have learned quite a bit in this past year, and I know that it can only get better!

So apparently as a book blogger, I am suppose to wrap up the year with a list of my favorite reads. Well, I failed on this task....100% total fail.  Call it beginners fail or whatever, but I just did not get anything pulled together.

What I do have though is a list of my favorite authors that I had the pleasure of reading their books. You can not go wrong by buying and reading their books.  So go and check out their Amazon Author Pages and one-click a book or two.  You can not possibly go wrong with these spectacular authors!

So, in no certain order
     Drum roll please.........

Jennifer Snyder ~ Amazon Author Page -

Jessica Frances ~ Amazon Author Page -

K.B. Nelson ~ Amazon Author Page -

Sunniva Dee ~ Amazon Author Page -

Clarissa Wild ~ Amazon Author Page -

Sarah Negovetich ~ Amazon Author Page -

Melinda Friesen  ~ Amazon Author Page - -  My review of her first book Enslavement will be posted in February, but really  you need to read this one!!!

Aprille Legacy ~ Amazon Author Page -

Cecily Gates ~ Amazon Author Page -

These authors have found a place in my heart and I will read anything and everything that they publish, because I think they are AMAZING!!!

There are more I am sure that I need to add to the list, so I am sorry in advance if you are not on this list.  But for my readers, check out my reviews and you might quite possibly find a new favorite author (or a few) too!

So to wrap it all up, Happy New Year to you and yours.  I wish everyone the best in 2015!

Happy Reading to all!!!

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