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Paperback Release Blitz: Last Siege of Haven (Undertakers 4) by Ty Drago with Giveaway

Welcome to the Paperback Release Blitz for
Last Siege of Haven (Undertakers 4) by Ty Drago
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While away on an undercover mission, Undertaker Will Ritter has made an unthinkable alliance…with a Corpse! But though Robert Dillin (aka ‘The Zombie Prince’) is indeed one of those alien invaders who animate and possess the bodies of the dead — unlike the rest of his kind, Dillin isn’t evil. In fact, he wants to help. And Will needs that help, because the Queen of the Dead has learned the location of Haven, the Undertakers’ secret HQ, and is planning a massive and deadly assault. 
With the last day of the Corpse War finally upon them, Will and his friends find themselves in a desperate race to close the Rift between worlds and forever kill the Corpses. But can they do before Haven is overrun? 

For that matter, can they do it at all?
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Title: Last Siege of Haven (Undertakers #4)
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Ty Drago

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Tom had pulled a chair to the front of the room and climbed onto it. It was something he’d done before. It helped him to be seen by as many of the kids under his command and protection as possible. Well, seen and heard.
He said loudly, “She’s been plannin’ this for at least a month, scheduling three different police events all around City Hall, all around us, and all for this evening. The media’s been callin’ ‘em ‘urban peace-keeping simulations’ or ‘training exercises.’ The Queen ain’t been settin’ them up herself, of course. Lilith Cavanaugh’s dead as far as the world’s concerned. She jumped out her sixth-floor office window almost two months ago.” He managed a grin. “I know, ‘cause I was there.”
That actually earned him some laughs and applause.
Standing nearby, Helene and I swapped glances. We were thinking the same thing: those were likely to be the last laughs he got today.
I flexed my right hand. It felt good. The Anchor Shard had done its job.
I glanced over at Sharyn. She’d been healed up too, and now stood at her brother’s side—though, from her expression, I could tell that, right now, she wanted to be somewhere else, with someone else.
The only Undertaker who wasn’t here.
The chief continued, “But she’s got cronies positioned in just the right spots in city government, and they’ve been settin’ this up. Just today, she brought in two new Corpses to be co-police chiefs, since the last one got iced by Helene.”
A few more cheers and applause. Helene blushed uncomfortably.
Tom said, “Both these chiefs are somethin’ called ‘Specials,’ a particular breed o’ Malum that’s hardwired for combat. They’re tough. Very tough. But they ain’t unbeatable. Will already managed to waste one, the one called Parker, this afternoon at the Philly Water Works.”
Still more cheers. I ignored them. I hadn’t taken out Parker.
Dillin had.
“But that still leaves Cole, who’s gonna be commandin’ the Malum attack. Undertakers, they’ve gathered up at each of Haven’s entrances … and our best guess puts their numbers at close to fifteen hundred. They’ve already closed ranks and sealed off the exits, trapping us in here.”
No applause this time. No laughter. Just graveyard silence.
“They’ve found us,” the chief said. “It don’t matter how. Cavanaugh’s been biding her time, waitin’ for the right moment to hit us. Well, that moment’s here, ‘cause school just got out. All through the area, the last middle schools’ve shut down for the summer. So every Schooler, more’n seventy of them, are back home. ‘Course, in a week’s time, some of y’all would’ve gone back out, taking up spots in summer camps and such, always on the lookout for more Seers. But for now, for this tiny window, all of us … all of us … are here. And the Queen of the Dead knows it.
“Bottom line, Undertakers. She’s comin’ for us. Tonight.”

Ty Drago
Ty Drago does his writing just across the river from Philadelphia, where the Undertakers novels take place.  In addition to The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses,The Undertakers: Queen of the Dead, and The Undertakers: Secret of the Corpse Eater, he is the author of The Franklin Affair and Phobos, as well as short stories and articles that have appeared in numerous publications, including Writer’s Digest.  He currently lives in southern New Jersey with his wife and best friend, the real Helene Drago née Boettcher.

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