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Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Pretty Dark Sacrifice (Pretty Dark Nothing #2) by Heather L. Reid

Pretty Dark Sacrifice
(Pretty Dark Nothing #2)
by Heather L. Reid
Publication date: July 28, 2015
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.

It’s been five weeks, two days, and eight hours since the demons forced Quinn to throw herself into the raging river, since Aaron sacrificed himself to save her, since his body disappeared without a trace.

Everyone wants Quinn to move on, but she can’t, not after a spirit appears to her at Aaron's memorial, convincing her he’s still alive.

When a mysterious box materializes on the very spot Aaron disappeared, Quinn finds she’s at the center of an ancient prophesy of betrayal, revenge, and sacrifice that takes her to the depths of the underworld to face Lilith—Adam’s first wife.

If Quinn can stop Lilith from unleashing the demon horde Eve, trapped inside the box during the Battle of Eden millennia ago, she will save the human realm and free Aaron from an eternity in torment.

All it will cost is her blood.

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A silver steed, legs enveloped by smoke, raced across the bleak landscape of the Underworld. On it, a woman, cloaked in shadow dragged a body behind her.
Quinn’s heart hammered against her ribs, and she tried to calm herself with three deep breaths. Aaron, encased in a cocoon of spider webs, thrashed and kicked, the burnished feathers of his wings pushing against his bonds as his body was trailed across sharp rocks.
I swear, if you hurt him, I will kill you. Do you hear me, Lilith? I will fucking kill you if you so much as scratch him.
Laughter echoed across the veil. You dare threaten me? Bring the box to me before the eclipse, and I might let you live. As for the boy? His fate is in your hands, Eol Ananael, as his blood is on the hands of your Sentinel. Remind me to thank Azrael for his little gift.
Quinn swallowed, fighting not to take the bait. Lilith first, then she would deal with Azrael. Putting questions about her Sentinel out of her mind, Quinn focused on the task at hand: to release a killing wish and end Lilith’s life once and for all.
A few more feet, and Lilith would be at the border, close enough for Quinn’s power to reach. Lilith skidded to a stop before the wall of fog, her horse rearing under her command. Silver eyes, so cold they made her gasp, locked on Quinn’s and wouldn’t let go. It was now or never.

Power surged from the pit of Quinn’s stomach, hot and angry, but before Quinn could release it, a shockwave of energy rocked her mind, casting her out of the seam and thrusting her back into reality. Colors swirled to life as time resumed, and she was back in her body, arm outstretched, Aaron’s name on her lips.

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Heather L. Reid is both American and British and has called six different cities in three different countries, home. Her strong sense of wanderlust and craving for a new adventure mean you might find her wandering the moors of her beloved Scotland, exploring haunted castles, or hiking through a magical forest in search of fairies and sprites. When she’s not venturing into the unknown in her real life, she loves getting lost in the worlds of video games or curling up by the fire with good story. For now, this native Texan is back in the Lone Star State, settling down with her Scottish husband and writing new tales of fantasy and horror.  

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