Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Review ~ The Slug that Saved Christmas by Clifford James Hayes

The Slug That Saved Christmas
by Clifford James Hayes

Fans of quirky, irreverent yuletide humour will screech with delight at Clarence the slug’s Christmas adventure! A rude letter from a greedy child makes Santa go a bit bonkers - but it’s Christmas Eve and the elves are desperate for someone to deliver all the presents! The Elf Doctor comes up with a completely mad plan to save the day - and soon the fate of Christmas depends on one giant slug! Will Clarence save the day, or will everybody’s Christmas be a slime-covered nightmare?

PLEASE NOTE: This book contains a bit of 'toilet humour' - the book has been tested on kids and grandparents (who generally love this kind of naughtiness), but the author requests you observe the above before buying ... if the occasional word like ‘fart’, ‘poo’ and ‘bottom’ offend then please do not purchase!

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It's days before Christmas Eve and Santa receives a nasty little gift demand letter from a greedy little boy that sends Santa into a crazed mental break down - and let me tell you it was bad.....really, really bad.  With Santa unable to deliver the thirteen billion, eight hundred and sixty-two thousand, four hundred and sixteen presents by 6am Christmas morning, Elf Doctor, Elf Wizard and Mrs. Claus come up with a brilliant way to save Christmas without involving the elves or any other Christmas animal (which would break the rules defined in the Elf Handbook).  How can it be done, you ask?  Only Santa can perform such a Christmas miracle, right?  Well, not this time.  With the magic of Christmas, Clarence the Slug will save Christmas and deliver all the presents to all the children all around the world.  Well....kind of.

The Slug that Save Christmas was a really cute story that children and adults alike will enjoy.  The author, Mr. Hayes, took the traditional Santa Christmas story and twisted it in a fun, quirky and unique way that had me laughing throughout.  Truly a fun read to get you in the holiday spirit.  The only thing that would have made this a spectacular read would be some cute illustrations to go along with the story.  Regardless, this is one book that should be on your holiday reading list.

4 stars

Clifford James Hayes is an occasional author and independent publisher, and has to date written and illustrated over a dozen books in different genres (children's’ tales, historical fantasy, comedic science fiction and biographical).

His ‘day job’ is running his graphic design business ( where his specialism is the design of books and cd/albums.

Inspirations for his books include Roald Dahl, Monty Python, Rik Mayall, Spike Milligan and (most importantly) the mad outpourings of his young daughter, Poppy - to whom all his books are dedicated.

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