Monday, February 20, 2017

Audiobook Release Event & Giveaway ~ Hound's Bite (Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective #5) by E.J. Stevens

Hound’s Bite
Author: E.J. Stevens
Narrators: Melanie A. Mason and Anthony Bowling
Publisher: E.J. Stevens
Length: TBD
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective (#5)
Audio Release Date: March, 2017

Ivy Granger thought she left the worst of Mab's creations behind when she escaped Faerie. She thought wrong.

In a cruel twist of fate, Ivy has unleashed a powerful horde of Unseelie beasts upon her city, turning her homecoming into a potential slaughter of innocents. Now Ivy must gather her allies to fight a reputedly unstoppable force—The Wild Hunt.

Will the training Ivy received in her father's court be enough to save her city, or will Harborsmouth be forced to kneel before the Lord of the Hunt? She is willing to risk her own life, but some sacrifices come at a cost worse than death. When an ally is bitten by one of The Wild Hunt's hounds, Ivy must face the possibility that winning this battle may mean killing the one person she has come to love most.

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Now that you have learned more about Hound’s Bite, be sure to check out Shadow Sight, the beginning of the Ivy Granger series.  Right now, you can get the Audio Book for a reduced price of $1.99 when you purchase the Kindle edition for only 99 cents!

E.J. Stevens

     Jessica Meats is a graduate of the University of York and works in the IT industry. She draws on her experiences as a technology specialist and martial arts student to create a unique and interesting fictional community of combat experts and computer geeks.

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Melanie A. Mason

    Melanie A. Mason holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in performance and a Master of Science in Information Science with a Graduate Academic Certificate in storytelling. Her expertise is bringing characters to life, either through performance or direction.  For more than 20 years, Melanie has worked in the performance and voice over industry, including commercials, audiobooks, documentaries, film, and anime. She is currently the voice of Ivy Granger. You can also hear her as Marl in Funimation’s Fairy Tail and Mrs. Shimura in Kodocha.  Learn more about and connect with Melanie on Twitter, IMDB, and at

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 Anthony Bowling

    Anthony Bowling is an American voice actor who has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films and television series. Some of his major roles include Ukyo in Samurai 7, Shiro Ashiya / Alciel in The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, Shin Fukuhara in Baka and Test, Orito in Is This a Zombie?, Aoi Torisaki in Absolute Duo, and Jun'ichirō Kagami the title character in Ultimate Otaku Teacher.  Learn more about and connect with Anthony on Twitter, IMDB, and the Anime News Network.

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