Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Book Review ~ The Sisters Chase by Sarah Healy

The Sisters Chase
by Sarah Healy

A gripping novel about two sisters who are left homeless by their mother’s death and the lengths the fierce older sister will go to protect her beloved young charge

The hardscrabble Chase women—Mary, Hannah, and their mother Diane—have been eking out a living running a tiny seaside motel that has been in the family for generations, inviting trouble into their lives for just as long. Eighteen-year-old Mary Chase is a force of nature: passionate, beautiful, and free-spirited. Her much younger sister, Hannah, whom Mary affectionately calls “Bunny,” is imaginative, her head full of the stories of princesses and adventures that Mary tells to give her a safe emotional place in the middle of their troubled world.

But when Diane dies in a car accident, Mary discovers the motel is worth less than the back taxes they owe. With few options, Mary’s finely tuned instincts for survival kick in. As the sisters begin a cross-country journey in search of a better life, she will stop at nothing to protect Hannah. But Mary wants to protect herself, too, for the secrets she promised she would never tell—but now may be forced to reveal—hold the weight of unbearable loss. Vivid and suspenseful, The Sisters Chase is a whirlwind page-turner about the extreme lengths one family will go to find—and hold onto—love.

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Every once in a while, I come across a book that totally blows me away and consumes me long after the last page is read.  The Sisters Chase is one of those books and I am in complete awe on how good it was.  No, the word 'good' just doesn't even come close to describing this book.  The Sisters Chase is absolutely phenomenal and completely astounding!

This is a hard review to construct for fear of giving away even a hint of the outcome.  Any reader of this story must take this journey with Mary and Hannah and unweave all the details for themselves - trying to unravel what makes Mary do the things that she does.  In all honesty, I didn't care for Mary at the beginning, but I had to admire her passionate attitude toward life and the risks that she took to try to provide for Hannah after the death of their mother, Diane.  As I continued diving deeper into the story,  I was totally on Mary's side cheering her on and wanting her to succeed in not only finding what her heart desired, but the peace she so much deserved - even if the path to get there was a bit unconventional.

The Sisters Chase is a breathtaking novel encompassing family, loyalty and love and the need to protect it all at any cost.  The writing is spot on and the way the plot unfolded was pure ingenious.  The characters had such an incredible depth, I couldn't help but build a connection with them.  This is one story that will stay with me for quite some time and is well deserving of a five star rating.

Sarah Healy is the author of Can I get an Amen? and House of Wonder.  She lives in Vermont with her husband and three sons.

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