Sunday, March 2, 2014

February ~ It's a Wrap

Well February has officially come and gone. I wish the cold temperatures would be gone as well, but that is just wishful thinking on my part.  It is March 2nd and the temperature was in the 20's, windy and sleeting for most of the day.  Today we also got to experience Thunder-sleet.  What is Thunder-sleet you ask?  Well, it basically is what it sounds's sleeting and we hear thunder.  Pretty crazy, uh?

Book Wrap-up
So for the month of February, I read the following books.  Not as many as I would have liked, but not too bad I think.

March looks like a good month for books, so it looks like I am going to be reading alot!

Other News
I received some wonderful news this month as well.  I going to be a grandmother!  My daughter is due mid-October and she is very excited!
Congratulations Ashley and Bobby!

Product Review
I have started experimenting with essential oils.  I just want to try and feel better without unnecessary drugs.  I found two AMAZING products this month that are 100% natural and I just want to share them with the world!

This stuff is's like having tons of little scrubbing bubbles working hard to remove the awful buildup in my mouth.

The second product is the Mouthwash

 Kills Plaque
    * Prevents Gingivitis
    * Natural Product
    * Helps maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums
    * No Preservatives
    * No Additives
    * Taste is strong, but not unpleasant

 I genetically have really bad gum and plaque problems.  In addition to my cleaning regimen, I go to the dentist 4 times a year to have my teeth professionally cleaned just to keep everything under control. After a week of trying these products, I can totally tell a difference in the lack of buildup and the lack of that nasty film you get during the night.  

I found these products at Heritage Essential Oils.
Reasonable prices and super fast shipping!
Check them out!

Wrapping It All Up
All in all, February was a pretty descent month.  I read some pretty good books, found some great products and I'm going to be a grandmother!  I am glad March is finally here.  I love to see all the trees start to bloom and watch the grass get back to being green.

Happy Reading to all!

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