Monday, August 31, 2015

Book Blitz & Giveaway ~ Hypton 14 by Morgan Hadley

Hypton 14
by Morgan Hadley
Publication date: March 19th 2015
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction, Thriller

…The hungry ones want in…..

It’s 9012, and inside the life-sustaining bio-dome, human men have been extinct for thousands of years. The women have replaced them with sexy robotic male companions, programmed to cook, clean, and satisfy their owners’ most intimate personal requirements.
But there are more creatures left alive outside than anyone ever thought possible.

And some of them want to come in.

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The warm water soaked Rodstang's hair and cascaded over his body, beading onto the plush surface of his chest.
Janie stood with him under the hot spray while he lathered her with the scented foam. She leaned against him, letting the heat of his body and the water uncoil her knotted muscles.
She couldn't believe Aunt Connie, showing up all crazy-eyed like that in the middle of dinner, making her watch that video again. Sending a copy to her watch-mail and telling her to look at it over and over, so she'd recognize Cole.
As if you could forget a man like that.
And now she wanted to be sure Janie would bring back some kind of weird plant she'd spotted in the video, too. "Pull it up by the roots," she'd said, "Keep it alive. Bring several, we're going to cultivate them."
Janie heard her voice over and over in her head, "You can leave Rodstang behind with me, if you want," she'd said. "If you're worried about him being damaged. You can take some of my Hypton guards instead."
She always knew what to say to kick Janie back into line. It was infuriating.
If Aunt Connie insisted on it, she couldn't avoid going outside the dome, beyond the buffer zone, even, to retrieve that man and those plants.
But she wasn't going anywhere without Rodstang.

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