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Blog Tour/Book Blitz & Giveaway ~ Up For Forever (Up For Grabs #2) by Heather Young-Nichols

Up for Forever 
(Up for Grabs #2)
by Heather Young-Nichols
Publication date: September 1, 2015
Publisher: Swoon Romance

For Kendra Roberts, love is for fairy tale princesses who don’t live in the real world. Mr. Right? What a joke. It’s more like Mr. Right Now.

But imagine her surprise when she realizes it’s been two whole years, and Mr. Right Now has become something more. How the hell did that happen?

Panic sets in when Kendra finds out that Adam Burger might be planning a future for them and making her his “Mrs.” Mrs. Burger.
Not. So. Fast.
Kendra ends things with Adam, feeling bad for letting things go this far.

After months of trying to convince herself she made the right decision, a mutual friend’s wedding throws them back together again.

In one mind-blowing moment, Kendra comes to the crushing realization that she’s been in love with Adam all along.
But when Adam seems to have already moved on, will Kendra fight for their forever after? Or will she let her once Mr. Right Now go and become someone else’s Mr. Right?

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Excerpt 1~
“Ugh,” I groaned, “I hate you so much.” I felt his smile against my skin, and his breath as he chuckled made me shiver to my toes.
“Doesn’t sound like it.”
“Adam, come on … I can’t … stand … ” My words were swallowed when his mouth devoured mine again like he owned it. Owned me. The thought should have sent the feminist in me running to prove the opposite but I couldn’t be bothered. His kisses were still gentle but so much more demanding until we were both once again gasping for air, searching for a release that, at least for me, had been denied.
Then we found it. The pleasure that wracked my body was unlike anything I’d felt. It came in waves, with each one crashing harder until it subsided all together. Adam kissed back up my neck until I couldn’t take it anymore from the way my body had become oversensitive. He pushed off, taking me in his arms so I could burrow right into him. I felt like a ragdoll that could be dragged along wherever someone wanted to take me. And I’d really enjoyed where Adam took me.

Excerpt 2~ 
“All right, well, I’m going to let Sam know that I’m staying here so he doesn’t have to call all night.”
“You don’t have to do that.”
“Yeah, I do.” He pulled his phone from his pocket, scrolled through the numbers stored there before selecting Sam’s. “Yeah, she’s fine,” he said. Listening to only half of a conversation between two guys was weird. “Listen, butt muncher, I just wanted to let you know you don’t have to call tonight.” Another pause. “No, I’m staying here … Fuck you.” Man, I wish I knew what Sam said. “Later.” The cell went back into his pocket.
“What’d he say?”
“Nothing that matters. Listen,” he shifted toward me, “I’m going to be out on the couch—”
“Why don’t you just sleep in Cain’s bed?”

“Gross. No. I can only imagine the things that have happened in his bed. I’m good with the couch.” I laughed before I remembered that it would hurt. And it did. My lip and my cheek. “Anyway, I’ll be out there. Call me if you need anything.”

Heather Young-Nichols was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan and graduated from nearby Saginaw Valley State University with a degree in sociology. The only thing that rivals her love of reading is her love of baseball. When not with her husband and three kids or the cat that likes to bite, she is working to bring the characters in her head to life.

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