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Book Review ~ Bad Situation (Bad Reputation #2) by K.B. Nelson

Bad Situation
(Bad Reputation #2)
by K.B. Nelson

Published September 18th 2015


Brick Valmont lost more than an ex-lover when Apple Malloy fell in love with Jensen Moon. Forced to face his issues, he seeks counseling from a psychologist who may have an agenda of her own. Meanwhile, Brick makes a valiant effort to reel Tyra Young back into his web of deceit to prove to Apple once and for all, that he will always be the king.

Apple Malloy knows she’s a changed woman, and refuses to be dragged back into Brick’s manipulative world. When she returns home to Carolina to collect her belongings, she’s forced to face the darkest pieces of her past.

Bad Situation reunites Brick, Apple, Jensen, Cece, Dom, and Tyra in an escalating game of sexual seduction. And when the games go too far, someone will be forced to pay the ultimate price.

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K.B. Nelson continues Brick and Apple’s story in this exciting and heart-pounding installment of the Bad Reputation series and good Lord what a story it is!  Nelson took the story to a place I did not expect, but it still was an enthralling read that kept me craving to know the outcome.  Nelson’s writing style flows just beautifully and at times lyrical, so much that I found myself fascinated at the talent that this author has.  The characters are complex, entertaining and so majorly screwed up I could only hope that there would be some type of redemption in this story.

But let’s take a look at the major players in this story – Brick and Apple.  If you read Bad Reputation, you know that Apple was tired of the game she and Brick were playing and it didn't help matters much when she fell in love with her intended target Jensen.  Apple leaves with Jensen which leaves Brick a wreck.  With Apple out of the picture, he is like a lost puppy and discovers that he loves (or thinks he does) Apple.  When Apple returns to pack up her belongings in order to start a life with Jensen, Brick ups the ante and the game continues on like never before.  The rules have changed, but it is basically the same game.  As before, someone will get hurt in the end.

Apple really does want to be a different person and as a reader, I really liked the new Apple.  Although she still is searching for answers, she is on the right track – if she can separate herself from Brick.  Although her and Jensen have some issues to work out, I really like them as a couple.

Brick – oh Brick.  I’m not going to lie.  I really didn't like Brick at all in the beginning.  He’s a manipulative, conniving, arrogant bastard who I really didn't believe could change his ways.  But we get to see a different side of Brick in Bad Situation and throughout we get to see a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, there is hope for this tormented man.  I admit that after reading Bad Situation, I have a special place in my heart for this man.

Overall, I was happy with the ending and can’t wait to see what Nelson gives us in Bad Imitation and from the snippet I read, it’s going to be a wild and crazy ride.

K.B. Nelson is a seriously good writer and I could really tell that a lot of heart and soul is going into this series.  Every book to date written by this outstanding author has been exceptionally good, so you can’t go wrong by starting this series to get a taste of what Nelson has to offer!

4 stars

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