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Book Review & Blog Tour ~ Prisoner (The Traveler Chronicles #2) by Dennis W. Green {Giveaway}

(The Traveler Chronicles #2)
by Dennis W. Green
Published August 1st 2015 by Mbedzi Publishing

Trav Becker is a police detective with multiple lives. Or to be more accurate, he’s a police detective who knows that multiple versions of himself live in countless different streams of existence.

When another Trav Becker appears bleeding and dying at his front door, Trav quickly realizes that something is dreadfully wrong in the multiverse.

Pursued by an FBI profiler who believes (with some justification) that Trav is hiding something, the detective races to save two kidnapped girls while also trying to sort out why he keeps turning up dead.

Desperate to preserve his home timeline, Trav is thrust into a hidden war that threatens to destroy the very fabric of reality itself.

Dennis Green returns to the universe he created in "Traveler" for another mind-bending thriller.

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In this trilling second installment of the Traveler Chronicles, Prisoner far exceeded my expectations.  When you begin this story, be prepared for a page-turning experience like no other.  Mr. Green managed to create an extreme amount of twists and turns along with a thrilling mystery that kept me glued to each and every page.  Also, Mr. Green’s detailed style of writing really draws you inside with the characters and you can feel the excitement and frustrations as you travel through the parallel realities with them.

Prisoner moves along at a really good pace and the more I got into it the less I wanted to put it down.  The Traveler Chronicles just keeps getting better and better.  Not only is it action-packed it is a fun and engaging read.  This is a complex story but one that is easy to follow and understand thanks to the author's smooth and effortless writing skill.  My only complaint I have was the ending because it left me wanting the next installment NOW!

Prisoner has all the ingredients needed for a thrilling and exciting read that leaves the reader eagerly anticipating more.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves science fiction/mystery/crime stories and wants to read something uniquely different. 

5 stars

“You’re pretty confused, I’m sure,” said O’Connor. “I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.”
There were a couple of nods from the group.
“Let me introduce you around,” he continued. “There’ll be time for questions after you get your bearings.”
Jurassic shrugged. “Whatever.”
He sat down heavily at a desk, which in my stream was normally occupied by an African-American detective named Stevens.
“This is the weird part,” O’Connor said.
“I thought I’d already seen the weird part,” I replied.
“Not even close,” Jurassic said from his seat.
“Little Mary Sunshine there is Trav Parker,” O’Connor continued, pointing at Jurassic. He turned to a Trav sitting in what I thought of as Adam’s desk.
“Trav Gomez.” He gave me a one-finger salute, touching the brim of his Firefly cap.
“Trav Emdall.” His cap was from The Matrix.
“Trav Gant.” Babylon 5.
“Trav Valuk.” Star Wars.
“Trav Cooper.” Speed Racer.
“Trav Omar.” Terminator.
“And I’m…”
“O’Connor,” I finished for him. He nodded and looked at me expectantly. The others were watching me, too.
You ever been in a situation where everybody was in on the joke except you? Well, when they all are you, you feel extra stupid.
I frowned. There was something about these names that was familiar, and everyone was obviously waiting for me to get it. Which I finally did, but it took a few minutes.
When we were college roommates, Sam introduced me to geek culture. Every day when I came home from class, he was studying with the TV on, watching Star Trek–the original one from the Sixties. I ignored it for a while, but eventually I got sucked in.
The original Star Trek led to Star Trek: The Next Generation; which led to Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise.
Then we branched out. Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1.
Yeah, I didn’t date much in college.
Movies were next. I’d seen Star Wars and the Marvel stuff, of course, but soon found myself sitting through beer and pizza-fueled binges of The Matrix, Blade Runner, Dark Star, Shaun of the Dead…
And Buckaroo Banzai: Adventures Across the Eighth Dimension.
I won’t bore you with the synopsis, but suffice it to say, a bunch of the characters were aliens masquerading as humans, but they didn’t understand human naming conventions. They knew to take different last names, but all took the same first name, John.
You can see where this is going.
John Parker, John Gomez, John O’Connor, John Gant, John Valuk. Even John YaYa.
I looked at Trav O’Connor. “You are fucking kidding me.”
O’Connor turned to Firefly Trav. “Gomez. I think it’s your turn for the Sorting.”
“The Sorting?” I asked.
“Yeah. Just like Harry Potter. Only you get to keep the hat.”
Gomez crossed the room, heading toward a cardboard box sitting on a table. Without looking, he reached inside. When he withdrew his hand, he was holding a black ball cap. He tossed it to me. It bore the Stargate SG-1 logo.
“What’s the next name on the list?” O’Connor asked.
A Trav in the back of the room, whose cap logo I could not see, had pulled out a piece of paper. He seemed to be consulting a list, and after a minute, looked up and smiled.
“Nice,” he said. “Gentlemen, say hello to Trav BigBootie.”
Everyone laughed, looking at me expectantly.
I knew immediately what I was expected to say.
“It’s Big Boot-TAY.” 

Dennis Green’s first novel, the sci­fi detective thriller, Traveler, ranked in the Top Ten in the 2014 Ben Franklin Independent Publishing awards, and has a 4.9 review average on Amazon. The second volume of The Traveler Chronicles Prisoner, has just been released.

Trav Becker’s saga concludes in the final volume of the trilogy, Hunter, due in 2017. A popular radio personality in his native Iowa, Dennis’s adventures as a DJ were covered by newspapers from Anchorage to Los Angeles. He has also worked on the stage, TV, and independent film.

Dennis’s writing has appeared in the anthology Sadistic Shorts, magazines including Grift, and Romance and Beyond, as well as his own blog at By day, he is the general manager of Iowa’s only jazz radio station, KCCK­FM. And if it’s 5:30 am, you can probably find him in the pool, working out with the Milky Way Masters swim club.

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