Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Book Review ~ Afta-U by Jennifer-Lynn Keniston

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Afta-U is a story of a one woman's journey to find emotional and spiritual healing and forgiveness.  The author is an amazing storyteller and her talent is apparent as the reader turns each page.  Each sentence flows effortlessly and almost poetic in nature.

This story started off slow for me and I had a difficult time getting immersed into the story.  It is being marketed as a Crime/Thriller, but I failed to see any connection to these genres.  There is a little mixture of paranormal, family drama, and Christian fiction, but the 'crime' was already figured out in the beginning and the thrills just never appeared for this reader.  The main character, Jean, is an emotional wreck and at times, I was flat-out exhausted reading about her blaming herself for every bad thing that happened to other people.  However, with the author's talent and ability to bring the words together, I found myself needing to finish this dramatic story.

I applaud the author for incorporating her spiritual beliefs within the story without being too preachy. In this day and age, it was a nice surprise to read a book that was clean from profanity and the overuse of sexual scenes.  Afta-U is a 'clean' story that I would recommend to any age group.

3 stars

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