Friday, January 31, 2014

Review - Ruined: An Ethan Frost Novel by Tracy Wolff

Ruined:  An Ethan Frost Novel by Tracy Wolff
Blurb from Goodreads:
Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You, and Release Me will be hooked on Ruined, an electrifying journey of emotional and sexual discovery that pushes two damaged souls to their breaking point—and beyond.
He’s the last man Chloe Girard should love . . . but the first she ever could.
Ethan Frost is a visionary, a genius, every woman’s deepest, darkest fantasy—even mine. And, somehow, I am his.

He stole into my life like a dream. Turned my reality upside down and made my every desire come true—especially those I never knew I had. He demanded everything I had to give and gave me everything of himself in return.

But dreams don’t last forever, and ours is no exception. Because my nightmares are darker, and my wounds deeper, than I could ever reveal. And as much as Ethan wants to protect me, the secrets we we share will only tear us apart.

Two words.....totally awesome!

Before starting Ruined by Tracey Wolff, I had read that it was being compared to Fifty Shades of Gray.....I have to strongly disagree with this comparison.  Although I read Fifty Shades, and thought it was was nothing spectacular.  Yes, there is a extremely hot, sexy CEO of a company (Ethan) and a really pretty, smart, sexy college intern (Chloe), but that is where the similarities end. I can promise you that there is no constant biting of the lower lip in this one....except where it matters the most!    This story is so much better! Ms. Wolff has done an excellent job with letting the reader connect with the characters.  Although there are some sexual scenes in the book, they do not overpower the story whatsoever.  

Chloe is looking to make her way in the world by doing something she loves, working in Intellectual Property Law. She wants  to desperately to move on from her horrible past and move forward.   For the summer, she gets an intern position at a prestigious and highly competitive company, owned by Ethan Frost. Ethan is a self-made millionaire who started the company from the ground up. He’s gorgeous, smart, funny and super charming. The chemistry ignites from the very first meeting of these two and never lets up.

This story is so well-written, you will not want to stop reading until you get to the very end.  The epilogue ends in a gut-wrenching, jaw-dropping cliff-hanger that will make you scream in frustration, because now there are questions that need to be answered.  Will I read book 2 when it comes out in June?  Absolutely YES!!!   

5 out of 5 stars for this awesome book! 

You can purchase your copy here from Amazon.